Foodinvest Italia

In the 1950s, the Stoppa family started its fruit-production business in the Cuneo area, growing both in volume and variety of marketed product. In the 1990s, having taken on the corporate designation of Foodinvest Italia SpA, business diversified to include such sectors as the importation of products from the southern hemisphere to European markets, as well as the creation of foreign subsidiaries (in the Netherlands, Chile and South Africa) that ensured greater control over operations. The company's expansion led to new partnerships in the domestic market, such as its merge with the "Ditta Gregorini" of Senigallia – which specialises in fresh produce from central and southern Italy – and the addition of new market products, such as pulses and dried fruit. Today Foodinvest operates in the EU, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and South America and is expanding in Asian and North American markets.